Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yes...he is SHANKAR. For me he is the most personified and a stylish GOD.
I love to visualize him in different styles and looks.

Its been a longgg time that I havent updated my blog. Was in Assam from the past 2months. Working with NID on a NE Textile Project. Did this sketch over there only, water color it and den used brush pen.
CnC please


  1. i love this!... his power and confidence come thru in his stance, tho usually i love mythical heroes dishin it out, its great to capture their raw power in a stance... i jus started my own illustration blog and am encouraged by ur art!... keep em comin!

  2. Hey thanks man for liking it. :) Would definitely put up more here. Just kind of traveling, so pretty hard to keep updating here.

  3. Hi Abhimanyu, I love ur artworks, and ur artwork inspires me . I love shiva and this artwork of you. really very nice, if u dont mind i want to create vector art in illustrator of this one for my practice. ur works are awesome.