Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Manga Series

Inspired by 3 Musketeers and Samurai Champloo... Did it in Photoshop.
'Face references' from NID only   ;D


  1. Finally some COLOUR!!
    I LIKE!!
    the background is super cool.. can stil be worked a lil more.. specially the yellow upar se...

    I dont really understand the characters so not commenting on that but since u have a logic and explanation for it.. so its cool!

    the chick (Ranjitha character- whtever the name is) and the niwesh dude.. hair treatment can be better!!! and ur soo good at it!! i know tis is done in a hurry JLT. but since u WANT COMMENTS.. here it is!
    Tumhare character ka hand/arm proportion is a lil wierd..


    U might wanna check the date???

  2. 1st of all- colors!!! good u'v started workin on ur weak areas.ur character's lower bosy shud hav been showing thodi si..dhyan se dekho..its missin there.niwesh's grey shirt ke pass there's empty space..hey n is dat gal ranjitha..i remember u tellin me that d hair is lyk smbody else...